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Samsung Gear S3 Golf Navi vs. Garmin Approach X40

Can the Samsung Gear S3 be your Golf GPS watch or stick with a dedicated Golf GPS watch such as the Garmin Approach X40? Let’s compare both on the course!

First of all, you need to install the free Golf Navi App for Samsung Gear S3.  There is almost no documentation or support you can find for the Golf Navi app.  I even reached out to the developer to find out if they could point me to a manual somewhere. Never received any response.

On the course, it, both GPS watches gave sort of the same distances to the middle, front and back of the green.  There where discrepancies along the way.  Especially at the tee boxes I noticed the Golf Navi app was far off, but it seemed to recalculate better when walking to your 2nd shot location.

Both GPS watches are fast, though there where a few annoyances on the Samsung Gear S3, the screen goes out (though you could set that to always on, but that will affect your battery life) and when playing golf, you need to stay focussed and don’t want to fiddle with buttons etc.  That’s also why I prefer a Golf GPS watch over a handheld GPS, I want to just peek and that’s it.  As little distracting actions as possible.  Another annoyance was that I was playing ‘abroad’ when taking these pictures and due to the connection, it was continually saying that I was roaming, another message to be clicked away. I didn’t like that and have not been in a situation yet where I could investigate further if I can disable that message fore-good!

The Garmin Approach X40’s screen is too small to my liking and swiping through the screens, i.e. score entering, is to fiddly.

Shot tracking, a benefit of using a Golf App in combination with a wearable, such as the Samsung Gear S3 was surprisingly good, though the big issue with this type of shot tracking in golf is the tracking of practise swings before you take your hit, or not recording your bad fat, thin, duffed or topped shots J.  The Garmin Approach X40 also supports shot tracking, but fails often for the same above reason.


Because of the occasional wrong distances shown by Golf Navi, oddly enough mostly only at the tee box, I got more peace of mind from the Garmin Approach watch, though it’s screen is little and fiddly.  During the game distances shown, where pretty similar.  Good enough for recreational golfers. If you want pin accuracy you’re still better out pulling out laser Golf Rangefinder. It’s sad there’s as good as no support or documentation regarding Golf Navi.
There are better solution out there …


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