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Samsung Gear S3 vs. Runtastic App

Can the Samsung Gear S3 be your running companion or stick with a running tracking app such as Runtastic?  Let’s compare both!

For this comparison test I’ve set my Samsung Gear S3 S Health widget to ‘Basic Workout Running’ . I’ve documented 2 runs on different dates and different distances.

There is a small difference in running distance & calories burned tracked by the watch and by the app. I feel the Runtastic App might be a little more accurate.

I can’t compare the heart rate zones as I didn’t have a heart rate sensor linked to the Runtastic app.

One big differentiator for me is that running with an app offers you extra’s such as listing to a radio stream or Spotify.  Granted, you could save music tracks on your watch, but to be clear, you cannot use Spotify or any other music/radio streaming on a standalone Samsung Gear S3 simply because it’s has no built-in 4G/LTE support (at least not the ones available in Europe now).  A continuously available Wi-Fi signal when running is also very unlikely.

Both Runtastic and Samsung S Health have a portal keeping all your workout data.  The Samsung S Health portal might have most data at its disposal as it tracks your daily steps etc as well.  You’re not going to have Runtastic running continuously, whereas you probably are wearing your watch continuously and it auto-detects all your ‘exercises’.


For recreational runners, the tracking on the smartwatch is comparable with a tracking app, however an app might be a little more accurate if every second and burned calorie counts J.

If you want streaming audio while running you will need to have a paired phone with you or just run with a phone app only.


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